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International Collaborations

PKGGI International Collaborations

It is important that students’ global collaborations be embedded in an overarching philosophy of international education. In local-to-global collaborations, the philosophy of international education is to provide action learning in real world contexts and experiences where students are given opportunity, encouragement, mentoring so they can: 1. Embrace, experience, understand and honour the commonalties of histories, experiences, and perspectives among global peers as opportunities to understand the world in new ways and to understand that diversity brings positive strengths and insights to our human experiences. 2. Understand, experience and respect that differences of ideas, experiences and perspectives exist and can be mutually accepted and sustained side by side. 3. Understand and experience that the local actions of communities have connection to the issues, conversations, struggles, realities, hopes and dynamics of nations on a global scale. 4. Understand and experience that the process of knowing about the world, both past and present, is an ongoing process enhanced through access to newer and evolving technologies that enable learners to increase in global knowledge and insight. 5. We understand that the goal of local to global action learning is the enhancement of collaborative understandings so as to improve opportunities for more positive, inclusive international exchanges.

Why International Collaboration ?

As we have pointed out in speeches cited earlier in this Guide, the current economy we are preparing students to enter is global, competitive, and interconnected. For students to feel comfortable in such an environment, they need opportunities to participate in more collaborative learning experiences internationally. Doing so engages students, furthers their learning, improves intercultural awareness, and connects them to the contributions of diverse and valued cultures. Only global and collaborative initiatives will solve the world’s larger problems such as climate change, health care, and poverty. The potential power of combined talents between nations could greatly improve the amount of knowledge and possible solutions to these global problems.

Students Benefits:

• Experience and Confidence Undergoing specialized inputs in various subjects and gaining theoretical knowledge; applying that knowledge to “real life” situations will prepare    them to take on the world.
• Added Value to His / Her Resume.
• Focused Career Direction The trainee will be able to explore his / her subject preferences and develop it into a career.
• The Ability to Convert Training into a Career Become a preferred choice of any recruiter.
• Entrepreneurial Know How Gain expertise on how to set up a business.