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Expert Faculty

“A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching.”

That is the underlying mantra that defines our system of education at PKG Group of Institutions. We leverage the greatest value to established facts, the emergent ideas and progressive thinking that is the hallmark of being patrons as Leading Institute.

PKGGI Faculty :

  1. As an exceptional Group, PKGGI’s academic environment is shaped by its teachers, whose dedicated focus on teaching challenges and inspires the students.
    2. For perfect academic delivery, PKGGIs believes in recruiting the best teachers. Many of our teachers are selected from the best institutes across India like the IITs and the IIITs.
    3. PKGGIS has a diverse teaching community with varied cultural backgrounds from 29 states.
    4. Teachers of PKGGIS are renowned for their friendly, open door approach. They bring their passion and enthusiasm for teaching into the classroom providing an intimate, interactive, personalized approach to learning.
    5. The students find them by their side right from the Induction day in the campus to the last day of collecting degree.
    6. They are cutting edge researchers and experts keeping their students updated with the latest global thinking and development.
    7. PKGGI encourages and provides active support to its teaching community to conduct research, publish textbooks and undertake projects and sponsors them to national and international conferences and workshops.
    8. They are regularly involved in one activity or the other to upgrade their skills and stand well upto the expectations of the students.
    PKGGI provides them ample opportunities to nurture their area of specialisation by conducting various activities like:
    • Faculty Development Programmes (FDP)
    • Developing curriculum and pedagogy
    • Professional Learning Committees

Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) :

PKGGIS lays major emphasis on FDP sessions and conducts these sessions for teachers of all the courses in every summer, before the start of the academic session for the teachers of all the courses. FDPs are source of major strength of the Group and a promise to enhance the level of intellect of the teachers. Renowned people from industry and academia are invited to conduct these sessions for guiding the teachers to equip them with the best and the latest. These sessions have been a major success for PKGGI, a morale booster for the teachers and with beneficial cumulative gains for the students

Developing Curriculum and Pedagogy :

The teachers of PKGGIS participate actively in the development of the curriculum and pedagogy. They give suggestions on the basis of their teaching experiences, discuss the intricacies in following or not following any particular mode of teaching and in this whole process to evolve new approaches of teaching. They are also in continuous discussion with other academicians for obtaining valuable inputs on regular basis. All this helps the teachers to learn new concepts of teaching and discard the old primitive approaches leading to their overall development for better delivery of their lectures, hence leading to a better understanding of concepts by the students.

Professional Learning Committees(PLC) :

At PKGGIS, we always believe that “Everything that is being done can always be done better”. So, the teachers at PKGGIS are always in search of better methodologies and processes to teach their students. PLC sessions are a regular feature for every department. This is a platform for the teachers to discuss amongst themselves new methods in teaching paving the way for learning new ways of teaching a particular subject.