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About Panipat

Panipat is an ancient and historic city in Haryana, India founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of the Mahabharata, according to the legend. Its historic name being Pandavaprastha ( City of Pandavas ). The city is famous in India by the name of “City of Weaver” and is a part of “Special Economic Zone” (SEZ).

The first verse of the Bhagavad Gita is possibly referring to Panipat as Dharmakshetra. Panipat is considered as one of the most beautiful place in Haryana, India.

Geographically Panipat is situated on NH-1, Grand Trunk Road, and its flyover across the Grand Trunk Road is one of the longest flyovers in India. Being a developed city it is well connected by Roads and Railways. With Mega malls, shopping complex, Sports complexes, Vast roads, Green Belt, Industrial hub, smooth connectivity with roads and railways, green belt, Cultural enrichment, Clean and peaceful environment it become first choice for student for education.

Panipat is famous for its Handloom Industries and agriculture instruments. It is the biggest center for quality blankets and carpets in India and also the biggest center for “Shoddy Yarn” in the World. Panipat has several factors that make it renounced and incredible.

    • The Panipat Refinery (IOCL ) situated at panipat is the second largest refinery in south Asia.
    • The Asia’s longest Fly over is also constructed on NH-1 at panipat.
    • NFL ( National Fertilizers Limited ) is situated at Panipat.
  • The biggest source of electricity produced in Haryana state i.e. Panipat Thermal Power Station is situated at Panipat.
  • Kala Amb’ is a memorial built in memory of the soldiers who died in the battlefield of panipat. It is said that blood of the died soldiers was mixed with the soil and the fruit of a mango tree became black in color due to that and hence the name “Kala Amb” meaning ‘Black Mango’
  • In this way, this district, which is continuously developing on the industrial base, has unlimited employment capabilities.

Place of attraction in Panipat :

    • Hemu’s Samadhi Sthal
    • Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi
    • Kabuli Bagh
    • Shri Devi Temple
    • Gurudwara Dera Baba Jodh Sachiyar Ji
    • Salar Gunj Gate
    • Kala Amb