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Director’s Message

“Let us think of Education as the means of developing our ‘Abilities’ because in each of us there is ‘Hope’ and ‘Dream’ which fulfilled can be translated into benefit for everyone and for our Nation”.

In current competitive world where the world is always determining winners and losers among nations, it has become increasingly necessary to ensure that, besides a sound education, our students should have the ability to engage and win the global context. Here at RNCET, with a belief that Knowledge is Power, Money, Safety, Happiness, and a Key to Success, we understand that the educational institutions can be a powerful driving force where people can share their knowledge, act and interact with the students to mold and cast them for future. With a consideration that the students will become world class leaders in their respective field rather than just a capable students or just competent workers but they should be a person with innovative ideas of their own and striving to change the future.

We invite you to join us in our endeavors to create a knowledge based society that fortifies the intellectual, physical and psychological dimensions of participating individuals who can really shape the future. Wish you all the best.

Dr. Dinesh Rajoriya
BE, (NIT Jaipur)
PhD (IIT Roorkee)
PKG Group of Institutions